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Virtual Tours

Internal 360 Virtual Tours

With great advances in technology in recent years Oakridge Developments in proud to be using advanced technologies in all areas of thier services. Use of CGI, 3D printing, VR, Drones and home automation are some of the recent technolgies being implemented on Oakridge projects.

Partnering with a local VR company Blur Three Sixty, Oakridge Developments now gives customers and contractors the opportunity to take a virtual tour of thier internal spaces all from the comfort of thier home or office. There are three specific views; dollhouse view, floorplan view and full vr view.

Utilising this technology enables Oakridge to be able to showcase projects at anytime of day which means there is never a breakdown in communictaion. These VR tours can be annotated with weblinks, images and any multi-media function which again gives a huge benefit to contractors and customers.

Each tour can be viewed from any desktop, tablet or mobile device and can even be viewed with a headset to get a fully immersive VR experience.

Take a tour of one of our Oakridge Project using Blur Three Sixty VR tour.